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Tempat Berteduh

Host owned by Nabilah Hanis binti Shaari. Currently studying in the medical field at Hradec Kralove. Comes from Kota Bharu, Kelantan and is the 3rd child of 4 siblings.

Have a blog since 2004. Please read the In Memoriam post to see my fall in blogging. After receiving an injection of passion and examining the potential of self and the blogging world, I intend to be more active in writing. Since then, I've set blogs as one of my world's wealth.

The writing here is a translation of my reading, observation and thought, unless I say otherwise. You are encouraged to share the articles here and credit to this blog, if useful. The Share button has been made available to every post.

I really hope that what's contained here gives you added value, the reader and myself.

For that reason I ask for any views, opinions, criticisms and curses that allow me to grow up together Send your thoughts to me through contact form below. Thank you a lot! (thank you)

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