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To Women: The Three Causes of Obesity

Monday, April 11, 2011

As I have explained in the last post, fat is one of the sources of estrogen hormones. However, the primary source at a productive age is ovarian. Before menopause women (read: menopause), progesterone hormones will control the levels of estrogen hormone in the blood.

However, when menopause, estrogen is only secreted by fat and the progesterone hormone is gone. So here estrogen levels become high in our body.

Obesiti adalah penyakit satu dunia.

Do you still remember the function of estrogen in this entry to Women before?

Among the targets are breasts, ovaries and uterus. Imagine when menopause, there is no progesterone acting to counteract the estrogen effect on these 3 organs.

What will happen? Yes, the cells will split without control and act as a tumor or cancer.

The result is breast cancer, ovarian cancer and uterine cancer

Women who have menopause and obesity, are at risk of getting 1.5 times breast cancer. In the US, approximately 11,000 to 18,000 deaths from breast cancer among 50-year-old women can be avoided if they manage to maintain BMI of less than 25.

However, the risk is lower and the same as those with a healthy body weight, if they get hormone treatment.

Ingat pink, ingat kanser payudara.
Women who have a lot of fat concentrated in the stomach are more risky than women who have excess fat in the hips or other parts.

In addition, obese conditions slow the diagnosis of cancer among those who are overweight or obese. Yes, it is difficult to differentiate cancer cells and normal cells. This scenario is much happening in the cases I encountered while practically in the ward.

40% of cases of endometrial cancer are associated with obesity and overweight. It is estimated that the risk is 2-4 times higher than women with a BMI of less than 25.

However, studies show that by walking for 30 minutes a day, the risk of uterine cancer can be reduced.

Although there is no study that clearly demonstrates the impact of obesity on ovarian cancer, experts in this field prove that obesity exacerbates ovarian cancer causing death.

Fakta tentang kanser ovari di US.

So, let's face it together to control weight. Join this effort by calling Him out for nothing that can make the illness there except God, and nothing can heal except Allah.