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Imagine a Day Without Facebook

Saturday, April 09, 2011
What do you feel when you part with Facebook, Twitter, cellphones and blogs?

I have days of experience without internet and social media. A day, it's still possible for these fingers to relax. But if you enter the third day, you really don't like sitting. Ligat, this brain is looking for a way to get internet.

Already, run to the university to get rid of the addiction. If not, the heart is restless and tortured even if it is actually better to look at the well-ordered books on the shelf, right? That's why I have written here that my determination is to be
productive by reading and updating blogs.

It's been a routine every morning for me to open the laptop after getting out of bed. I'm a species getting up early. As early as 4 am already awake as I am used to bed early anywhere.

The first program was clicked, of course Google Chrome. And the first letter typed in the address bar is F. You must have the idea of what the page is.

While checking
news feed, I will click another tab to open this blog. In addition, I will browse to some commonly visited websites or blogs to get updates, find interesting articles for fine dining in the morning especially the motivational and checking articles headlines newspaper.

Often when going to class, I will
on data service on Blackberry and occasionally during breaks or when I can not sleep drowsy, I'll try to open Twitter to see interesting tweets from Wardina, Hanis Zalikha, IslamicThinking, Time, BBC, TheKidDoctor or friends with Twitter. I read it. Sending a tweet or status has not really been my madness - sometimes it may be :)

Below are the responses of 1000 college students in the US, China, Mexico and Slovakia when they are separated from the internet, TV and social media for 24 hours.

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