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3 The Superpower Phrase

Friday, April 08, 2011
Subhanallah, a beautiful Friday with a cool, cool breeze of language. So, today is a better day if I can share something. Let's see the 3 phrases that are superpower, commonly used but always abused in our everyday conversations.

1. No
Not a great word, but not used properly. Because we are afraid to say no, there are those who are small or disappointed. Will relieve our relationship with him. 

But, unaware, if we are not good at saying no, we are harming ourselves? 

Perhaps we are charging our time which should be used toward the benefit. Maybe we want to keep in touch with others, but actually we hate them and ourselves because of our weaknesses to say no. 

How many people come up with salespeople who come promoting goods while we are eating at stalls and just silently unite themselves? Or do some pretend to entertain but really do not want to hear it? What's wrong if we smile and say "Thank you, but I'm not interested." We do not waste her time and do not hurt her with our indifference.

And the best way to say 'no' but to discard all negative perceptions is offer positive choices or alternative solutions.

2. Yes
Yes even positive, but we always ignore it. For example

"How much, is my idea good?"

"I like what I have suggested but I think it's interesting,

There is no difference with
"Yes, I really like that idea.
Other than what I have suggestedbut I think it's interesting. "

The word yes clearly describes our opinion or our stand directly. Doing so gives a sense of hesitancy to those who ask our view even if that is what we mean.

3. I do not know
If we do not know or are uncertain with a question, avoid being smart. Admit our weaknesses with "I do not know. "and continue to tell us what we know about the topic or issue. 

If we have the ego to confess, we are likely to exacerbate the situation and open up our weaknesses. So, if we want to look strong, practice 'I do not know' in place.

Think, think and practice. ^ _ ^